BYFF - Brighton Youth Film Festival


Brighton Youth Film Festival


Our Mission is to create a platform for young people to discover and explore their talents as filmmakers and to develop their existing but perhaps undiscovered strengths. The medium of filmmaking offers an extraordinary opportunity to utilise a broad spectrum of skills from storytelling to organisation to cinematography and much more.

Our aim is to encourage creativity, the process of having original ideas that have value, and to give young people the chance to lead and succeed and have fun.

• Inclusiveness: BYFF fundamentally values the diversity within the human community. This informs everything about who we are, from deciding on the format for submissions (digital), our encouragement to use whatever filmmaking tools you have to hand (phone, camera, pen and paper animation) to the decision to run an online festival open to all irrespective of location and nationality.


• An Experience:  BYFF strongly believes that young people need an insight into the professional world. Most young people may feel pressured into making educational decisions which may affect their future, without perhaps ever having been given the opportunity to have an insight into different professional environments. Our aim is to offer An Experience as a gift; the chance to talk to, observe and learn from industry professionals who will be willing to share their expertise and time with those awarded a prize.


• Join In: Our mission is to get as many young people to participate as possible. Whether this is done by submitting a film, acting as an ambassador or getting involved in the running of the festival. We intend to create as many opportunities as possible for them to become a part of BYFF. 

BYFF aims to learn from children, as well as teach.