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Solar Moon System

"Solar Moon"


filmed on location in London.

solar moon is a cologne/germany based downtempo collective establishedin 1994.

currently, tom dams, george solar & razoof are working on making their extensive back catalogue available again in digital form as you read this… after the band collectively decided to take their music off the digital marketplace a couple of years back.

first up will be their 2nd effort, the “guestbook” album, originally released in 2003 and back as digital re release on all platforms march 08, 2013… supported by appropiately tailor made digi EPs containing amazing, genre bending (and mostly previously unreleased) remix work from all around the globe.

the legendary first album, “logbook 94_00″, originally released on electronic music pioneer KLAUS SCHULZE’s label rainhorse records in Y2K, is in the pipeline for digital re release in early summer 2013, likewise supported by EP releases filled with rare goodness.

meanwhile, a new solar moon album (probably called “blackbook”) is in the making… which should conclude the epic concept of 3 albums in almost 20 years of existance.